Hostels in Bordeaux

Discover the five hotel residences of Ténéo, the specialist in hostel rental in Bordeaux.


In Bordeaux, in the Saint-Jean area, enjoy a residence located in the city centre and within walking distance of monuments and the most popular places of the city, with access to the nearby train station and tramway.


In Mérignac, you can take advantage of the proximity of the airport during your stay.

If for example you go on vacation or on a business trip abroad, you can make a stop before taking the plane, or even attend a business meeting at the Parc d'activités Kennedy located in the vicinity of the hotel.


In Talence, you have two choices:

-A residencewith comfortable accommodations and several formulas: Hotel, Residence or Long stay.

-A residencemore contemporary and specialized in formulas Long stay in

Talence Arthéna


In Bègles, you will benefit from a residence located in the middle of the main roads (Bordeaux ring road) and quickly accessible from the motorway.

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hostels in bordeaux

Discover the best hostels in Bordeaux with Ténéo, our apart hotels chain in Bordeaux and its agglomeration.

Well-situated residences

Ténéo presents five residences in Bordeaux, Mérignac, Talence (2 residences) and Bègles, located near the main points of interest, just two steps from the heart of the city and accessible with all public transport (tram, bus).

Neat accommodations

At Ténéo you’ll find accommodations designed to make you feel at home, with the same comfort. In these residences with contemporary and minimalist design, discover our hostels in Bordeaux with a researched comfort and a neat decoration, pleasant to look at.

Appropriate formulas

When you reserve your stay at Ténéo, you have the choice between several formulas (which may depend on the residence), adapted to your type of stay.

From 1 to 29 nights, guests can enjoy the Hotel formula, which gives you access to the conventional hotel services as well as discounts as from 7 nights.

For stays of 1 month and more, you can enjoy the Residence formula, which will give you access to our range of furnished and equipped apartments and studios, with short notice and decreasing rates.

In the formula Long stay, take advantage of our studios and apartments with one or two bedrooms, with options à la carte and also decreasing rates.


Discover our residences:


  • Bordeaux, near the train station area of Saint-Jean
  • Mérignac, close to the airport
  • Talence, a few steps away from the University campus
  • Talence Arthéna, also located near the University campus
  • Bègles, near the ring road, easily accessible