• Mérignac - Parc de Bourran
  • Mérignac - Château de Bourran
  • Mérignac - Le Pin Galant
  • Mérignac - Tour de Veyrines
  • Mérignac - Aéroport


Mérignac is a city in the Aquitaine region with over 66,000 inhabitants. It is located in the Department of the Gironde and the Aquitaine region. First economic and commercial hub of the region it presents more than 4,500 companies. Its economic activity is essentially focused on sectors related to aeronautics and high technology. There are many monuments such as Tour de Veyrines, Château Bourran or the Chartreuse de Fanaisie. The Bourran Park, with its famous romantic bridge representing fake ruins, has been classified historical monument. In 2010, the city celebrated the centenary of aviation in Aquitaine.


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