• Bordeaux Saint-Jean - Gare
  • Bordeaux Saint-Jean - Quai
  • Bordeaux Saint-Jean - Jardin Botanique
  • Bordeaux Saint-Jean - Musée d'Aquitaine
  • Bordeaux Saint-Jean - Marché des Capucins
  • Bordeaux Saint-Jean - Arc en Rêve
  • Bordeaux Saint-Jean - Auditorium
  • Bordeaux Saint-Jean - Tramway

Bordeaux St-Jean

Located between railway station and Garonne river, this area has a specific architectural heritage (factories, warehouses, habitat of urban communities, old slaughterhouse). The South of Bordeaux has begun a spectacular mutation carried by major structuring projects of the agglomeration.

The operation of national interest ‘Euratlantique’, resulting in an important International Business Centre and a large eco-responsible real estate park, as well as the arrival of the high speed railway are among the assets that promise to this neighbourhood an exemplary future in terms of social and functional diversity, and quality of life.


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